Training Events

A 2-day Yocto Exploration

Day 1

Day 1 provides a much needed introduction to Yocto, it’s concepts and features.

It gives you the necessary understanding to allow you to tackle the rather more complex guides and reference material produced by The Yocto Project themselves.

Lab exercises give hands-on experience in many of the topics.

At the end of day 1 you will:

Understand what Yocto is and why Yocto is important
Learn the basics of Bitbake, Recipes, Meta Data, Meta Layers and configuration files
Work with Yocto to build distributions
Learn how to start customising an embedded Linux distribution, create Meta Layers for your product’s platform distribution and embedded application
Use Yocto’s Application Development Toolkit
Learn debugging techniques
Be introduced to some of the more powerful features of Yocto, including package management
Learn real-world tips and tricks on how to best work with Yocto.

Day 2

On this more advanced second day you will:

Learn the syntax and rules of bitbake, recipes and meta layers
Learn debugging techniques
Learn methods and best practices for customising your Linux distribution
Understand more advanced concepts, including machine configurations and distribution configurations.
Understand more advanced features, including package management and GPL licence handling, Yocto Toaster
Get hands on experience working with and customising Yocto distributions.

Presenter: Joe Nicholson

Date:  11-12 May, 13-14 July, 7-8 September, 22-23 November 2016

Place: To find out more information about the course, or to book a place, please click here.