What we do

Rufilla is a software consultancy with a dynamic, upbeat, approach. We specialise in helping companies take innovative new products to market, working in all stages of the development lifecycle.

We take a fresh approach to embedded software consulting. What if consultants thought about projects from the client’s perspective? Innovating with them and actually believing in their product’s potential?

Our Experience

Our range of expertise and experience includes:

  • Mobile technologies
  • The Internet of Things
  • M2M and TCP/IP Communications
  • Short range wireless telecoms, wireless telemetry.
  • Web applications and services Including GPRS/GSM.

Joe at Rufilla and his team have done a superb job defining and writing software for our company. He met his timeframes, and was very communicative and cooperative throughout the process. I highly recommend Rufilla for efforts requiring excellent insight and prompt successful accomplishment.

Stephen G Sardi, VP Engineering and Service at Accu-Time Systems, Inc

Joe is professional and great to work with.
He always finds a solution to every problem with his unrivalled expertise. His work and ideas are innovative. I can highly recommend him.

Kate Hardie, Graphic Designer/Photographer, Culham Studio

Product Development

Multiple Platform Development

We get creative with embedded software development on multiple platforms, including: ARM, x86, AVR32, 8051, PIC24, AVR 8-bit, SuperH. RTOS, Embedded Linux, The Yocto Project. Languages used include: C, C++, NodeJS, Java, Ruby, Python, Assembler, CSS, SQL, PostgreSQL.

Reliable delivery

We have a well-structured approach and take our responsibility to you seriously. We deliver what, how, and when we say we’ll deliver. We have a reputation for accurate and dependable fixed price quotations and manage projects from start to finish.


We’re proactive and responsive with high quality communication and will tell you how a project is going both when it is on track and when things are not going quite to plan. We’re agile and responsive and timely in our execution and delivery of projects.

Solution finders

We think that half the fun is resolving those ‘interesting’ issues which can arise in every project. We use proven self generated testing methods and enjoy the look and feel of the code so that the library / documentation will be smart and intelligible.

Be Inspired

Our key strength is in combining technologies to create innovative solutions. We have a track record of looking at projects from a different angle with new and effective results. Our dynamic, upbeat approach can feel like a breath of fresh air. We love what we do!

Our fresh approach

We work from your perspective and give clear views problem and solution. We estimate accurately, provide good project visibility and deliver high quality results. We have dependable project management with an excellent track record and managed outsourcing as required.

A good partner

We liaise closely with your team, from management to marketing. We guide, train and partner. We’re here from concept to end-of-life and are as happy in the boardroom as on the factory floor. We are a dynamic, tenacious partner to have on your next project. On your team, just not on the payroll.

Turning science and ideas into technology that works 

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